What is Myra?
Let me first for all of you who don’t speak Swedish explain the company name and why there is an ant in the logo, “myra” is swedish for “ant”. The reason for me choosing an ant in the logo are just built into the personality of the ant – ant’s don’t see any obstacles, they just find ways around them!

I’v started my company after I’ve graduated as an professional coach according to the ICF’s standards for one reason only – helping you and outers finding the path twords your goals. It could be anything from a complete turnover to just improving the good life you already might have. You can be in the process of starting up something new any you have a lot of unstructured things on your mind and you need to get organized.

In all my work you are in the driving seat, you have control of the process the whole time and we proceed as fast or slow as you like. My roll as a coach are to keep you focus on the goal, and help you find your inner drive to get there.

Please contact me if you want some more information, you find my phone no. and e-mail under “Kontakt”